Exhibition list

autres expositions :

– “La voix des mains” Viroflay, mai-juin 2017

– “Paysages à mains” Fontenay sous bois, juillet-aout 2013

– “Spécimen et Organismes” photos objets et vidéo, Bibliothèque Robert Desnos, Montreuil, Mars 2012

– “Dispositif méditatif pour une transe éclairée en 7mn et 5 sec.”, installation vidéo et photos, Espace 111, Montreuil, fev 2012

– Boites “des éclairés” théatre de la Girandole, Montreuil, mars 2011

– SPECIMEN – ORGANISM (livre d’artiste, artist book) Conceptually Bound : group exhibition

Mohr Gallery and California, USA, Jan and May 2008

 – SPECIMEN #001-#030 : a computer installation shown in :
Transmediale Berlin Fevrier 2005
Eurographics 2004, Grenoble, September 2004

 – ORGANISM #001-#018, a video installation shown on a Tugboat between July and August 2002 at various location, like the Socrates Sculpture Park, the South Street Seaport Museum, Lackawanna Railroad Barge and the Riverside Park South.

 – ORGANISM, a video installation with water samples shown as part of the Tugboat festival at the South Seaport Museum of NYC, in July and August 2001, as well as at the Lackawanna Railroad Barge and Riverside Park South.

 – “Xxero” and “Organism”, group exhibition, Linz, Austria, at the Festival of Ars Electronica, September 2001

– “Organism”, solo exhibition, color prints from 3D work
Galerie “No smoking” Strasbourg, France, July 2000

– “Organism”, simulacre presentation of the organism theme, at ISEA 2000, Paris, France, December 2000

– “Organism”, group exhibition, color prints from digital files

Colmar, France, Octobre 2000 

– “Touchware”, Siggraph Orlando 1998, group show 

– “Recent Work”, solo exhibition, color prints from collages of digital photography, Za Moca Foundation, Tokyo, Japan, December 1996

– “Goods For Sale”, solo exhibition, color prints from collages of digital photography, Atomage Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, June 1995 

– “The Reverse Studio”, live presentation of virtual space on the internet Pong festival, Providence, USA, 1994 

– “The Breast”, group show, color print and text

Unspeakable Practices II, Providence, USA 1993

– “GreenDice”, group show, interactive computer installation

CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, May 1991

DTW, Eyes Wide Open, New York, USA, March 1991 

– “Le Cinema dans un mouchoir”, live action with 16mm film

La Vilette, “Polyphonix 13”, Paris, France, 1988

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